As Beam, we’ve been helping some of the the biggest AWS users in the world manage their cloud costs. But for many businesses, AWS is just part of the puzzle—and ensuring comprehensive cost efficiency means accounting for all of the pieces. Beam now joins Microsoft club by introducing support for Microsoft Azure under its Cost & Governance umbrella. This is a beta launch with features that enable Azure users to take control and govern their cloud finances.

Beam in this beta version has enabled Cost & Governance for Azure with 

  1. Powerful dashboard - holistic view of Azure spend
  2. Azure Analyze - Deep dive into Azure cost analysis

Dashboard Overview

Beam Cost & Governance for Azure has a powerful dashboard that gives you a holistic overview of your overall spend under a single pane of glass. Beam dashboards have always proven to deliver concise information that needs minimal time to consume. It is the welcome screen which will throw insights that will start your day with precise required information about your Azure cloud.

Beam converts your Azure cost data into actionable insights that gives you a comprehensive picture of your complete Azure spend. With Beam you can view monthly usage charges, compare current Azure cost Vs. last month cost, review cost projections for next month or an year from a single pane. Get 360 degree visibility into your Azure spends and get smart insights to keep  your Azure cloud costs under control.

Drill down on your Azure spending

View month-to-date cost trends displayed in clean graphical charts to keep a track of your monthly consumption of Azure services and respective costs. Discover those unknown spikes and dig deeper to understand and evaluate the key cost drivers and rogue elements that are causing the spikes. There are more than 8 filters that help you deep dive to get desired granular data. Learn which Azure service/subscription is incurring more or unrealistic costs.

Who can use this beta?

Azure compatibility is available to all Beam users.We can pull spending data from any Azure Enterprise Account; simply configure your Azure Enterprise Account by then entering your Azure Enterprise Enrollment ID and API Access Key on the Credentials page to get started.

Azure account controls

You can even include Azure subscriptions and AWS accounts in the same Beam Account Group. Use these Account Groups to restrict users’ views to specific areas of spending, to group costs based business unit or cost center.

To learn how to configure your Azure with Beam, click here

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