This document will elucidate the key features of Beam’s Reseller Invoices. It will explain on how to configure, visualize and manage Beam’s Reseller Invoices.

Reseller Invoices in Beam can be configuredin two ways

  1. Common configurations for all accounts under a AWS payer account
  2. Customized for linked account

Common configurations for all accounts under a AWS payer account

You can configure settings which will be applicable to invoices generated for all the linked accounts under a payer account. Below are the list of settings you can configure.

Filling in basic information 

You can upload your company logo and address to be shown in the generated invoices.

Adding additional Cost Items

This is the most important segment in managing your invoice. Beam already receives bill items from the AWS account, in this section you can add additional cost charges, commission with taxes desired as per your services rendered for your clients.

Here you have the ability to add cost by -:

Distributing proportionally - this option will distribute a particular commission value across all cost items proportionally as a fixed amount or as a percentage. This commission value will be distributed proportionally amongst all line items in generated invoices.

Add custom extra line items– If you wish to customize by adding desired line items such as taxes, service charge, maintenance costs etc., you can add as many line items as you wish to add custom charges on your client’s bill.

Additional Settings

With additional setting you have the ability to 

  • Add currency type and its conversion rate
  • Option to include or exclude AWS credits
  • Choose the type of cost to generate invoices (Blended or Unblended cost)

Customizing invoice for alinked account

You can override the common settings for specific linked accounts. If you wish to edit configurations for a particular linked account, you can choose the linked account from the drop down for customize for linked account and edit cost items on it. If there is a particular item that you want to edit in selected linked account then only that item will be edited and rest other custom charges from payer account will be allocated as created.

Key points: 

  • Beam automatically generates custom invoices on every 7th of the month
  • You can view also viewhistorical invoices for your clients which were previously generated
  • For a particular selected month you can search invoices for a particular client by account name or account id
  • You can provide a link to your clients to download invoice
  • For one time charges you can edit an account configuration between 1st and7th of the month and later edit it back to as before to continue getting desired automated invoices.The same can be performed for a particular linked account and reverted back
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