1. Click on Budget Allocation in Budget section to define budget for payer account and Cost Centers

2. Select the financial year and tenure. Once you have defined the financial year, you will not be able to change the months. If you wish to do so, all the budget configuration will be deleted.
Note: You are not allowed to select the past financial year

3. Firstly define Budget Goal by providing input for total yearly budget. If you wish to further customize budget for quarter and month or use System Estimated values, click on Save & Proceed.

4. You can either enter budget values manually or can populate the budget value as per Beam estimate. For setting the budget values for a quarter and corresponding months, click on Setup link in the quarter box. You need to follow these rules for filling budget inputs.

Note: Beam needs 12 months of bill data for Beam Estimate else you might see partial values.

5. Once you have the budget values set as per your needs, click on Done. This will check whether the values you have entered are valid and will save the budget Goal accordingly.

6. After setting the Budget Goal for the payer account you will be able to define budget for individual Cost Center by clicking on Setup in the cost center row.

7. As in steps 4 and 5, enter the yearly budget for the selected cost center and click on Proceed.

8. After that, enter the budget values for further customization and once done, click on Save Budget or Send for Approval and the budget is set for the cost center.

a) If you are not a Financial Admin you need to send request for approval after setting the budget.Click on Send for Approval. The financial admin only will be able to approve this budget configuration.
Note: Only users with write access permissions will be allowed to send the request.

b) If you are a Financial Admin you can directly click Save Budget to set budget for Cost Centers

Learn more about Beam Roles

9. For further actions like edit or delete on the budget for a Cost Center, hover on the Cost Center row to see the action buttons. A Financial Admin will be able to either approve or reject the budget set for a particular Cost Center provided by other users (step 8(a)). 

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