Perform the following steps to create a Custom Report:

  1. Login to Beam application.

2. Select Cost & Governance from the list

3. Click Analyze

4. Click on Create Custom Report button

5. Enter the name for the Custom Report

6. Choose the dimension(s) for desired report output.

Note: Check out how order matters while choosing Dimensions // http link

7. Choose the time unit for the range of report

Note: You can group the data by three types:-
             Month- Total cost aggregated on a per month basis.
             Day- Total cost aggregated on a per day basis.
             None- Total cost incurred within the time range

9. Choose the Time Range

10. If you wish to further Click on Add Filters

    a)You can choose Tag Key and Tag Value as layer to further filter your Custom Report

  b) You can drill down with more additional layering of tag by clicking Add another tag

14.Once you are done click Generate and Review 

15. Kindly review the desired report and click Save to save the report for later usage

Note: If you want to change the parameters for the report, click on Edit on top left corner to change the filters.

16. Your saved report with name will now appear under the drop down list.

Congratulations! you have successfully created a Custom Report.

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