What is Custom Report ? 

Custom Report is a reporting ability that helps Beam users to create desired reports which are multi-dimensional with wide range of filters for more precise cost analysis, control and budget planning.

How can Custom Reports be useful to me ?

Currently, Cost & Governance Analyze facilitates Beam users to build 2 dimensional reports which cannot be saved for later use. With Custom Reports Beam users can create multidimensional reports that can be saved for later usage. You can create multiple custom tabs such as Redshift Analyze, DynamoDB Analyze , Tag-wise Analyze etc.Custom Reports have a wide range of usage which can help you in cost analysis and planning.

Can Custom Reports be saved for later usage?

Yes, you can create a customized report yourself and save it with the desired naming convention, for later usage.

Who can use Custom Reports?

AWS admins, CTO’s, AWS architects who are looking for extensive reporting for decision making and analysis.

Are Custom Reports downloadable?

Yes, Custom Reports are downloadable and can be consumed offline.

Can Custom Reports be shared with  non-Beam user?

Yes, Custom Reports can be shared with  non-Beam user.

7. Key terminologies used in Custom Reports -:

  • Dimension- Column name e.g AWS Service ,Linked Account etc. 
  • Metric- Cost value which we can determine based on the above selected dimensions
  • Exclude Credits - AWS gives credits for each service. If we exclude the credits, it will determine the total cost incurred by the service. But, if we include the credits, it will determine the net cost incurred by the service.For e.g - if Exclude Credits Cost = $100  and Credits given by AWS is -$35 then total Cost Incurred (Include Credits) = $100 -$35= $65
  • GroupBy - It is of three types- Month- Total cost summed on a per month basis. Day - Total cost summed on a per day basis. None- Total cost incurred within the time range
  • Filters - Filters helps you to filter the data for any particular service, tag or account 
  • Blended Cost - Cost Incurred in AWS Consolidated Billing
  • UnBlended Cost - Cost Incurred 

Can I see all data points of cost ?

Currently you can view only 1000 data points. However, you can download report to see maximum of 100,000 data points.

Can I edit an existing Custom Reports ?

Yes, you can edit an existing  Custom Report

Is there any delete option for non-useful Custom Report?

Yes, you can delete any Custom Report anytime.

What are the filter in a Custom Report? How can I use them?

A Custom Report has a list of filters such as - Services,Subservices , Linked Accounts (if any) ,Tags(keys ,values), Availability Zone,Purchase Options ,API Operations.

What are tag keys and values in Custom Report’s  filter section and how to choose them?

Tag keys and values correspond in the same rows....

Does order of Dimension matters while generating Custom Report?

Yes, ordering of dimensions is very important. The report will be generated based on the order of selected dimensions...

 learn more on how to create a Custom Report

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