Ensuring comprehensive cloud security for all is of utmost importance at Beam. To this end, Beam offers 100+ built-in audits. Few customers came up with a request to provide a capability to build their own audits. Keeping this in mind, we built this extensible capability, Custom Audits

With Beam's new Custom Audit capability, you can define your own custom checks to audit your infrastructure and enforce certain rules within your team. Available as part of Beam Security and Compliance product, the new Custom Audits ensures further that the performance of many resources in AWS is optimized. 

Key Benefits of Custom Audits:

  1. Run your own custom audits that ensures bolstered security, taking your infrastructure needs into account.
  2. Increase operational efficiency using automation feature. No need to run scripts through cron/CLI
  3. Download custom audit results as a report. You can even apply filters before downloading the report so that the data is even more concise for any further use.
  4. Get a comprehensive health score, which scans your infrastructure for any vulnerability taking the custom audits into account along with the built-in audits, thereby further increasing the security, DR, and performance of your infrastructure.

Why Beam Built Custom Audits?

There are numerous audit use cases, which Beam has already covered, like, Root account access key, MFA not enabled for users, IP Open to World, etc. Though we have covered most of the use cases towards security, we have also received several requests from our customers to implement few checks based on their company use-cases. To that end, we built customer-focused checks, where you can define checks based on your infrastructure needs. Ultimately, so that you worry less about the security best practices and also help you tune your infra for Disaster Recovery and performance. 

At Beam , we believe in the concept of NoOps, where machines should do the repetitive work, and humans should focus more on core business logic. Once Custom Audits is up and running, Beam will take the responsibility of  running those checks everyday and ensures AWS best practices are being followed throughout the company.

Using Custom Audits, you can: 

  • Enforce several custom rules to your team and automate these tasks 
  • Build custom audits and automate them so that DevOps engineers and security engineers in the team can focus on  solving the core application logic rather than scripting mundane tasks
  • View data of each audit result as well as the last execution time of the audit. Plus, you can  filter results based on the region and severity for each audit
  • Download results of custom audits as reports with filters applied.
  • Calculate health score for any vulnerability observed in your AWS infrastructure to further increase the Security, Disaster Recovery and Performance of your infrastructure.

How to Enable Custom Audits?

You can create Custom Audits through the Configure section available in the Beam console or through the Audit Report page.

Beam's Custom Audits empowers you to create your own custom checks and is shifting the journey from DevOps to NoOps. Currently we are launching a Beta version, we request you to run your desired checks for routine rule-checks through Beam and share your feedback. 

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