The Azure Security Compliance has a set of audits that are focused towards high priority checks in your Azure infrastructure.  

To view and remediate compliance issues, select the Compliance Remediation tab.

The security audits are part of a Default Policy and grouped into the following categories.

  • Network security
  • Network security group
  • Data security
  • Infrastructure security 
  • Access security

 You can run the audits on-demand with the Audit Now button. In addition to this, you can download the audit reports as the overall audit report or at a granular sub-audit level. The filters change at each sub-audit level to provide granularity of reporting.

Audit Details 

To view the audit details, select the Audit Details within the Compliance Remediation tab.

Click any category to see the issue details under that category.

Based on your analysis, you can choose to fix the issue by using the How to Fix instructions or ignore it from Beam analysis. 

All ignored issues are listed in the Ignored tab.

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