You must have an Enterprise Azure (EA) account to configure Security Compliance for Azure.

  1. Log on to the Beam console.
  2. Click the admin icon on top right corner and select Azure Accounts.
  3. Click Add Azure Account and select Security Compliance. Enter a name for your Azure account and click Configure Security App.
  4. Enter App Configuration details - Beam uses Azure Active Directory (AD) application to interact with Azure Portal. Enter the Domain Name, Tenant / Directory ID, Application ID, and Secret Key. Click How do I get it? to see on-screen instructions on getting the application configuration details from the Azure portal. Note: Ensure that you enable multi tenancy for the application in the Azure portal.
  5. Perform Role Assignment - Click Download Script to download the Powershell script. Click How do I assign role? and follow the on-screen instructions to execute the script in the Azure PowerShell.
  6. Check to enable I confirm I have executed the above powershell script and click Done. If the enrollment is successful, the enrollment and associated tenants and subscriptions are captured in Beam.
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