Beam is on its continuance of its roadmap to support multi-cloud. We began the first step of multi-cloud with support of Cost Governance for Azure. To strengthen security for Azure users, Beam is now extending its support for Security Compliance for Azure.

Beam support for Azure security is to enable Azure users to:

  • Track users and permissions
  • Protect cloud resources
  • Strengthen cloud shared responsibility model

Security Audit Report

The new Azure Security Audit Report has a set of audits that are focused towards high priority checks in your Azure infrastructure.  For now, we have categorized security audits as below.

  • Network security
  • Network security group
  • Data security
  • Infrastructure security 
  • Access security

In its initial release we are only providing the top high severity class audits. These audits will be present under a default policy. 

These audits can be run at any point in time with just one click on the Audit Now button as shown in below image. There are two ways in which you can download your Azure security reports, as shown in below image the highlighted option ① lets you download overall audit report and the option lets you download security report at each granular sub-audit level.

One very important feature of this Azure security audits is that at each sub audit level the available filters will change accordingly. The reason for these floating filters is to provide detailed granularity at each sub-audit level. 

How to Fix

Beam not just stops at alerting you about the security vulnerabilities in your Azure infrastructure. Beam recommends ‘How to Fix’ a pop-up which appears at each vulnerability. This has complete workflow to eliminate the security vulnerability.

Beam is known for its ‘Click to Fix’ feature, and we wish to soon add this feature as we add more best practices.

Azure Security Compliance Dashboard

The Azure Security Compliance dashboard provides a map view of security vulnerabilities in your Azure environment across all listed regions.


1. Can the default policy parameters be modified?

At present no, however in future we wish to open the feature for custom policy.

2. Can I download historic Azure security reports?

At present we are not storing historic reports. We plan to roll this feature in upcoming Azure updates.

3. I have configured Azure only for Cost Governance, do I need to add any more details to avail Azure Security Compliance?

No, the enrollment id is auto-populated if your Azure EA account is configured for Cost Governance. If you haven't enabled Azure in Beam and want to enable Azure Security Compliance, follow this article.

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