Below are the listed standardized compliance reports in Beam

PCI-DSS Policy and Report 

Beam has  introduced a new policy PCI-DSSv3.0 which contains such audits that are based on the requirements specified in the PCI-DSS version 3.0 document. This is a default system policy which cannot be modified by Beam users. The compliance widget based on the policy is also shown on dashboard for easier understanding and a better overall view. There are unique 70+ audits under PCI-DSS policy which helps the customer to check if their infrastructure is PCI-DSS compliant.

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HIPAA Policy and Report

To cater superior cloud compliance for our Enterprise customers Beam will now support HIPAA compliance ( version 5010) for AWS. These audits can help you in performing internal audits of your AWS infrastrucutre.

Going through these documents and following the suggested procedures can be cumbersome to the AWS users or administrators who wish to perform HIPAA compliance. Beam provides an easy and time saving solution. The Security and Compliance section now provides HIPAAv5010 policy which can be use to view all the audits that are derived from the rules and regulations laid out by HIPAA. As all these audits are placed in the same policy, it is easier to download the report, view charts based on policy compliance and also identify the issues and solve the same.

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CIS Policy and Report

Beam’s Security & Compliance has imbibed CIS AWS Framework best practices to benchmark its audits ecosystem to ensure CIS compliance. 

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark empowers Beam users to 

  • Implement foundational security measures in your AWS account that removes guesswork for security professionals
  • Constantly evaluate security of your AWS account for continuous security
  • Perform additional audit ecosystem into your environment

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Beam in future is planning to enable NiST, ISO and SOC2 reports and more such standard cloud compliance reports.

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